Floor polishing prices

Call us for a free onsite inspection, measure and quote however in the meantime the following rate table will provide an indicative cost for your project.

Factors to consider when costing a job include the age of the floor, whether the floor is top nailed or secret nailed, has moisture caused the boards to ‘cup’ and to what degree and whether black japan staining on older floors will require extra sanding to remove.

Price Guide

The following price guide provides for 3 coats of 1 pack polyurethane in a gloss or semi-gloss finish. This includes all necessary filling and light sanding between coats. All reasonable care is taken to achieve a ‘low dust’ finish. All prices exclusive of GST.

  • Installation from $35 per square metre  
  • New Floors from $32 per square metre
  • Old floors from $36 per square metre
  • Staining add $8-12 per square metre
  • Water-based coating add $12 per square metre